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Elizabeth Webb, Harp Teacher
Texas, USA 77002

I love helping people achieve their dreams of playing this magnificent instrument! I have been playing harp for over 26 years and teaching harp for over 17 years. Whether you want to play pedal (orchestral) harp or lever (folk/Celtic) harp, I can help you develop basic technique, music reading, rhythm, music theory, skills for playing in groups, and find music you want to play. It is important to me that all my students study the type of music they like, and I specialize in popular hits, sacred music, and Celtic pieces, but also play and teach lots of classical harp repertoire. With a Masters degree in education, I work hard to meet each student's unique learning style and speed and find creative ways to overcome challenges. Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, I can help you play the harp. I have created my own beginning harp curriculum and a hybrid learning program with over 700 instructional videos, over 200 pdf resources, and live one on one lessons through Zoom. I have rental harps in the greater Houston area and can also ship harps. Additionally, I offer harp ensemble opportunities. Check out www.highwayharpist.com for more information and to sign up for your FREE trial lesson.

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