Video Submissions due: Sunday, April 25th, 2021


  • The contestant as well as his/her teacher must both be current members of the Greater Houston Chapter of the American Harp Society (AHS).  Membership to the national AHS is not required.
  • Music must be memorized.  Repeats are optional, unless otherwise stated.
  • If you have won first place in a category, you are not eligible to compete in that division again.  However, you would be eligible to compete in a more advanced division.  
  • You are welcome to compete in a more advanced division than your actual grade level, but not a less advanced division. 
  • A category deemed too large may be split into two groups—the schedule will reflect this. 
  • No judge will serve in a division in which they have a student.
  • The decisions of the judges are final.
  • All contestants will receive a certificate and a comment sheet on their performance. 
  • All prize winners will have the opportunity to play for the Milligan Competition Winner’s Recital (date TBD).

Video Submission Procedures: 

  1. Record yourself playing your free choice piece in a single, unedited take.
  2. Record yourself playing your required piece in a single, unedited take. 
  3. Upload both videos to YouTube as “unlisted” (directions can be found here: You will need to create a YouTube Account if you don’t already have one. Video files are very large and difficult to email, so using YouTube to share ensures that we receive and can view your video.
  4. Name your videos as follows: “Competitor Name – Name of Piece, Composer of Piece” for example: “Hope Cowan – Moonlight, Susann McDonald”.
  5. Email your two video links to Naomi Hoffmeyer ( on or before April 25th with the subject line: “Milligan Video Submission – Division X – Competitor Name” for example: “Milligan Video Submission – Division I – Hope Cowan”.
  6. Email a PDF file of your free choice piece (please number the measures) to
  7. We will send the videos for each division to the three judges assigned to that division. Results will be emailed out by May 2nd. Comment sheets will be emailed to you individually shortly thereafter. Certificates, winner’s medals, and prizes will be sent in the mail.

Recording Tips

  • While we do not expect professional video or audio quality, make sure to use your best available device for recording so that the judges can accurately hear your playing. 
  • If using a phone or tablet to record, the front facing camera is usually better quality than the “selfie” camera.
  • Record in “landscape” rather than “portrait” mode.
  • Make sure that your face, both hands, and all the harp strings are in view.
  • Keep the camera steady, and with a single, unchanging camera angle (do not zoom in and out). 
  • Do a “sound check” where you play a little and then listen back to make sure that your sound is good. If your sound is too soft, try moving the device closer to the harp. If your sound is too loud, move your device farther away. Use headphones if possible to listen back. 
  • Dress up like you would for a performance.
  • Try to have the background neat and distraction free.
  • Try to find a quiet time to record and minimize background noise.
  • Tune the harp before recording.
  • Leave plenty of time to do several takes of each piece if needed. Also leave plenty of time for uploading to YouTube in case it takes longer than expected.
  • Make sure to watch each final video in its entirety before sending to make sure that it has uploaded properly.

Questions about the recording and submission process can be sent to: