Mildred Milligan Competition 2019 Winners

Division I
First Place Olivia Lowe
Second Place Emilse Driver
Third Place Zara Subramanian
Honorable Mention Kamila Biazar
Division II
First Place Vivian Connelly
Second Place Evan Shi
Third Place Sarah Christy
Honorable Mention Eva Rami
Division III
First Place Bethanie Ann King
Second Place Adalia Stiglich
Third Place Amrita Sankrit
Honorable Mention Zoe Winn
Division IV
First Place Sonya Weeks
Second Place Elizabeth Mathis
Third Place Sophie Chien
Honorable Mention Sydney Gray
Division V
First Place Kirsten Karamihan
Second Place Alyssa Elizondo
Third Place Evelyn Chien
Honorable Mention Elise Gentry
Division VI
First Place Xing Gao
Second Place Molly Langr
Third Place Dominique Moreno

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